[Scans] Cyborg 009 Nippon Columbia Drama LP (1977)

[Scans] Cyborg 009 Nippon Columbia Drama LP (1977)

Audio dramas have always been popular in Japan. Way before things like VCRs and DVDs came into the picture, kids “rewatched” their favorite television shows by buying and listening to drama recordings.

On December 25, 1977, Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. released a very special audio drama based on an extremely popular series: Cyborg 009. Simply titled after its source material, the 12” record compiled the theme songs and two episodes of the original 1968 television anime into an audio-only format.

The A-side opens with the classic television theme song composed by Taichiro Kosugi with lyrics by Masahisa Urushibara. It’s performed by Tokyo Meistersinger, a choral group known for their work in animation. After the rallying introduction, we jump into “The Challenge of X,” the second episode of the television series.

On the B-side, listeners are treated to another song composed by Taichiro Kosugi, this time with lyrics by Shotaro Ishinomori himself. The famous choral group Vocal Shop provides, well, the vocals. The episode featured on this side, “The Soldiers of Peace Never Die,” was the series finale, originally airing on September 27, 1968.

A few weeks ago, I managed to get a copy of this exciting piece of Cyborg 009 history, and while mine has definitely seen better days, the packaging and the record itself hold up well. I’ve scanned some of the illustrations so that you too can enjoy the stunning artwork and visual design of this vintage find! Click on each image below to enlarge!

Illustration Gallery

The Challenge of X [Xの挑戦] 

The Soldiers of Peace Never Die [平和の戦士は死なず]

The famous Joe Shimamura cross-section illustration.

A cross-section of Joe Shimamura found on the inside cover.

Production Notes

Image via Discogs

Cyborg 009 [サイボーグ009]

Label: Columbia – CS-7047A/B
Format: Vinyl, LP, Mono
Phonographic Copyright: Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
Copyright: Ishimori Production Inc. 石森プロ
Copyright: Toei Animation Co., Ltd. 東映アニメーション株式会社

Production Staff

Author, Illustrator: Shotaro Ishinomori 石森章太郎
Effects: E&M
Executive Producer: TAVAC タバック
Music: Taichiro Kosugi 小杉太一郎
Script: Masaki Tsuji 辻 真先
Sound Designer: Masao Kokubo 小久保正雄
Supervisor: Yoshifumi Hatano 旗野義文
Technicians: Fumio Arakawa, Isao Hatano 荒川文雄, 波多野 勲

Voice Cast

Narrator: Keiichi Noda 野田圭一
Cyborg 001 / Mitchii / Catherine: Fuyumi Shiraishi 白石冬美
Cyborg 002: Ryo Ishihara 石原 良
Cyborg 003: Hiroko Suzuki 鈴木弘子
Cyborg 009: Setsuya Tanaka 田中雪弥 alias Katsuji Mori
X (Nack): Yukari Asai 朝井ゆかり
Dr. Omega: Ichiro Nagai 永井一郎
Dr. Gilmore: Joji Yanami 八奈見乗児
Major Neville: Kenji Utsumi 内海賢二
The Doll: Junko Hori 堀 絢子

Side A

Episode: The Challenge of X [Xの挑戦]
Theme Song: Cyborg 009 – サイボーグ009
Composed by Taichiro Kosugi 小杉太一郎
Lyrics by Masahisa Urushibara 漆原昌久
Vocals by Tokyo Meistersinger マイスタージンガー

Side B

Episode: The Soldiers of Peace Never Die [平和の戦士は死なず]
Theme Song: The Battle Has Ended – 戦いおわって
Composed by Taichiro Kosugi 小杉太一郎
Lyrics by Shotaro Ishinomori 石森章太郎
Vocals by Vocal Shop ボーカル・ショップ

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