30 Day Manga Challenge

30 Day Manga Challenge

Lately I’ve been too busy to update this blog, with my full-time job and other responsibilities getting in the way. But I want to make a better effort to post on here, which is why I’ve decided to tackle this 30 day manga challenge. 

I created this list by splicing together other challenges I found floating around the web. As I publish pieces on each topic, I’ll link them back here. Keep checking this post for progress!

  1. Your Very First Manga
  2. A Manga You Didn’t Like At First But Came To Enjoy Later
  3. A Manga You Started Out Enjoying But Ended Up Hating
  4. A Manga That Isn’t Licensed But Should Be
  5. A Manga That Deserves More Recognition
  6. A Manga You’re Embarrassed About Liking
  7. A Manga That Needs A Live-Action Adaptation
  8. A Manga You Disliked Enough to Stop Reading
  9. Your Favorite Manga Aesthetic
  10. Your Favorite Mangaka
  11. Your Favorite Genre
  12. Your Favorite Male Character
  13. Your Favorite Female Character
  14. Your Favorite Oneshot
  15. Your Favorite Anime Adaptation
  16. Your Favorite Ongoing Manga
  17. Most Relatable Character
  18. Most Annoying Character
  19. Best Retro Manga
  20. Best Manga Hero
  21. Best Manga Villain
  22. Best Fight Scene
  23. Best Love Scene
  24. Best Shonen Manga
  25. Best Seinen Manga
  26. Best Shoujo Manga
  27. Best Josei Manga
  28. Best Horror Manga
  29. Best Comedy Manga
  30. The Last Manga You Read

Feel free to share this list or adapt it for your own purposes!

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  1. […] to go with the manga version. So I searched on Google and found a really good 30 day challenge here. I will keep this page updated as I progress (I might even change some days, I don’t know […]

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